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Absolutely NO CHECKS!

We Gladly Accept

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Debit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • CareCredit (A credit service targeted towards veterinary expenses that allows the approved applicant to make monthly payments, in most cases interest free!  Please visit CareCredit.com for more info or ask us how to apply.)​
  • Pet Insurance (You are responsible for paying Jersey Shore Veterinary Emergency Service directly at the time of check-out.  We will fill out any pet insurance forms and supply you with copies of treatments and records for submission to the pet insurance company.  Once your claim is filed, they will reimburse you according to their guidelines.  There is no co-pay and they do not send us payment directly.  You are still responsible for paying us directly for services rendered.)
  • We DO NOT take ANY form of Checks!  If you write us a check, we will ask for another form of payment.  Thank you for understanding!

We currently do not offer visitation hours for your pet.  We believe your pet needs as much rest and relaxation as possible to help the healing effort.  A lot of times, pets wind themselves up and become even more stressed after an owner visit.

Personal Items

During your pet's stay, we know you may want to leave them with a special item from home like a toy, blanket, or piece of clothing.  We encourage you to please leave them at home, as they can become lost, soiled, or damaged. We regret to inform you that we are not responsible for personal items left behind.

Patient Discharge

Hospitalization and Surgery

We close Monday through Saturday morning at 8am.  You are required to pick up your hospitalized pet by 7:30am.  If you do not pick up your pet or communicate with us in advance, you will be charged another day's worth of hospitalization, and you will be unable to pick up your pet until 8pm that evening.  We are not in the building from 8am to 8pm, as we are only overnights.  For our weekend hours, we are here from 3pm Saturday to 8am Monday morning.  The same conditions apply for weekend hospitalization for a Monday morning discharge.  If your pet is ready for discharge on a Sunday, we are in the building 24 hours and will set up a time.  You pet's invoice balance is due at the time of discharge.  We do not do any billing or payment plans.  Please do not arrive earlier than the time the staff advises you to.  Your pet may not be ready for discharge until the assigned time, or we may have other patients also going home.  If we recommend transferring your pet to another veterinary hospital for continued care, many of those facilities do not open until 9am.  Going home with your pet in between hospitals or waiting in the car for a long period of time may actually set back your pet's healing, or could be a danger to their health.  Please arrive at the time you were instructed.

Hospitalization and Surgery


An itemized estimate will be created on a case-by-case basis and discussed in detail by our staff. The estimate needs to be signed by the pet's owner or owner representative.  Signing this estimate means you acknowledge that you are responsible for all charges upon check-out.  We require a deposit of the low end of the estimate before leaving your pet in hospital.  The rest of the balance is due upon discharge of your pet.  If we believe that your estimate may be increased during hospitalization, we will notify you of the possible charges to gain your approval, or to notify you of the status of your pet's health.  Remember this fine line: No news is good news!  Please arrive when instructed for discharge, or call us when we instruct you to.

Hospitalization and Surgery

We generally do not do an estimate or require any deposit, but the treatment plan is discussed with you prior to treatment.  Payment is due in full at check-out. However, an itemized estimate can be provided at any time so we can provide you and your pet the best options for care.

Jersey Shore Veterinary
Emergency Service

We understand that sometimes things can be extremely difficult when one of your loved ones are injured, sick, or worrying you.  If you have a moment to read over these policies, it will facilitate the healing process much quicker and delay any bumps in the road in hospitalizing or treating your pet.

Hospital Policies

Outpatient Treatments